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Are There Snipers at Sporting Events?

are there snipers at sporting events

Measure the success of a sporting event through tangible metrics such as hotel room nights booked, gate revenue and attendance figures; but its economic ramifications extend far beyond just its playing venue – they can affect dozens of service providers throughout a city.

Local police forces sometimes conduct training exercises with snipers at large venues like football stadiums to increase their ability to protect the public during crises situations. At CU Boulder’s police department, this kind of training recently took place at Folsom Field – providing vital security to our entire community.

At this event, officers from Colorado and Washington D.C. participated in a three-day live ammo police sniper training session at a university football stadium where they simulated emergency scenarios to learn how to best keep fans safe. Training was led by Tacflow Academy – a company offering various firearms courses to police, military personnel and civilians alike.

According to the academy’s website, this course aims to build law enforcement officers’ confidence in themselves and their abilities. Real world, hands-on tactical training helps prepare officers for the rigors of law enforcement work while their sniper training specializes in protecting crowds in high risk events like concerts and sporting matches.

Searches of Google will confirm that snipers can often be seen at major sporting events. Snipers are particularly commonly deployed during major televised sporting events like the Super Bowl that draw large crowds and are broadcast globally; having snipers present can ensure crowd safety as many political figures and celebrities attend these events.

More recently, snipers have been used at major events like Coachella Music Festival and Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour – but these examples are just the tip of the iceberg as it’s now standard procedure to have sharpshooters present at large-scale gatherings like these. According to Business Insider reports from last year’s Super Bowl where sharpshooters could be seen shooting off shots; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones even confirmed with CNN that his new stadium includes numerous perches for sharpshooters from its construction onwards.

Though it can be disconcerting to consider, reality in post-9/11 America means we all must deal with security at events such as Super Bowl 50 or other big sporting events is that someone with a rifle may be scanning the crowd to detect potential threats.

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